Kshetra Beach Resort
Kshetra, the seaside beach resort, embraces tranquility as its middle name. With its serene ambiance, calmness and the typical ethnicity it will soothe down your nerves. If one is looking for a place to wind down and carry back some unforgettable memories in the sea shores of God’s Own Country, look no further. Come to Kshetra Beach Resort, which is exclusively constructed under strict compliance of ‘Vasthu Shastra’ the ancient Indian way of construction.
Kshetra, the seaside beach resort is an ethnic host for those who have the deep intention to have some unforgettable days on a sea shore of God’s own country. The resort is the renovated form of ancient ‘Nalukettu’ house of Kerala keeping the beauty of its architecture and heritage look along with most modern facilities of a resort. The rooms are allotted for the guests on the basis of their birth star as there are particular rooms for each birth star. The interior of the rooms are designed in such a way including sculptures, art works and furnishing that suits the corresponding star name assigned to the room. A tiled pathway from the resort paves to the beach which is an attractive spot to have a sunbath, a cool dip or to have a long walk fully immersed with the harmony of nature. The rooms are classified into:
Deluxe Rooms
These rooms lies very close to the beach. A blend of local ethnic architecture and the tropics makes these fully equipped room both relaxing and functional.
Standard Rooms
Standard Rooms are cliff­top rooms in nalukettu style, with the tradition Kerala décor and is complimented by modern furnishings and a high level of equipment including Wi­Fi.
The fully equipped ‘Panchakarma’ center of Kshetra Beach Reort, offers a deep cleansing and rejuvenation for the whole body, the treatment completely handled by a group of expertise will ensure a self healing methodology of ‘ayurveda’ the world famous treatment mode of Kerala.
  • Backwater trip at Kappil
  • Cultural shows
  • Traditional Kerala cookery demonstration
  • Paragliding
  • Local sightseeing package
  • Kerala kitchen